Prague Sweets – The Ultimate List

on November 11, 2019

Prague Sweets

I would like to tell you more on the subject of Prague sweets and places where you can try them. You will learn about Czech cakes, pastries, sweets, an awesome chocolate café and a cool ice-cream spot. Prague locals have a sweet tooth which they satisfy in multiple ways so take a look at a few examples:

Czech Cakes

Rakvicka se slehackou (Sponge Finger with Whipped Cream), Kremrole (Soft Meringue Pastry Roll) Indian (Soft Meringue Swirl), Konakova spicka (Cognac Cone), Venecek (Cream Filled Choux with icing) Laskonka (Crème Patisserie Filled Coconut Meringue Slices) Vetrnik (Filled Choux with Caramel Cream), Misa rez (Chocolate Cake with Curd Cheese).

Sweet Pastries

Loupak (Sweet Roll), Babovka (Sponge Cake), Zavin(Apple Strudl)

MUST-TRY: The above list of cakes and pastries is basically the menu from a café called Mysak. They revive classic Prague sweets and ALL of their desserts are absolutely delicious. You can find Mysak in Vodickova street next to Wenceslas’s square.


If you’re a chocolate person, go to the place called Choco Loves Coffee. It’s a place that blends chocolate products and serves amazing coffee. Moreover, they organize chocolate tastings where you can taste and learn A LOT about chocolate from all over the world. The place is in Jugoslávská 662/27 near I.P Pavlova Metro Station.

Ice Cream

Another place worth mentioning is Vanille, right outside Namesti Miru metro station. In summer season they serve fabulous ice-cream, which they change very often. On the other hand, they have great coffee and home-made pastries in winter.

What to Buy in Grocery Shops?

If you think about buying some local sweets to take home, here are a few suggestions.

Studentska Pecet

Invented in 1975, it’s a mix of peanuts, raisins and jelly in dark or milk chocolate. In fact, thousands of Czechs and Slovaks love this signature Prague sweet.

Pistacio Deli

Lightly whisked pistachio melange with thin layer of caramel covered in dark chocolate.

Metro Dessert

They started making it in 1974, when first line of Prague underground was opened. Four pieces of dessert symbolize carriages of Prague metro. Be careful, however, as it’s so sweet it will make your ears curl.

Horicke Trubicky

Delicate wafers are baked and then buttered with a little bit of honey. Also filled with cream or covered in chocolate.

Karlovarske Oplatky

They have a long tradition dating back to 18th century. At first, it was easily-digestible treat for spa visitors in Karlovy Vary. As a matter of fact, it is the only town in Czech Republic that produces them. Although you can find them in most grocery shops. The basis of this sweet are two flat waffles filled with various flavors.

That’s Not All

Furthermore, if you’d like to learn about a special café which is located inside the house of an interesting Czech personality, read on.

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