About Local Food Tour Prague

Local Food Tour is a unique way to explore Prague – through your taste buds. We are locals who love meeting people and we’ll do our best to show you Prague from our perspective while tasting variety of delicious food! The tour involves at least 10 tastings and a little sightseeing as places on our way are full of history. Our goal is to satisfy your hunger to know more about our city, beer, cuisine, people and their stories and to give you a personal experience not available on mainstream tours!

Prague local pastry shop

Tasting and chatting

About the Founder

Christian Szabo


I’m founder of Local Food Tour Prague and have been presenting Prague cuisine to people from all over the world since 2017. I used to work as a cook and have taken a special interest in food history. Cuisine is a great way to understand our past because every meal has its background story. It’s often thrilling to find out how some foods evolved over time. What have been typical flavors and ingredients considered Czech for centuries? Which have survived the test of time or have been replaced by more modern ones? How to tell a unique local from a touristy meal? Do Czechs possess any culinary inventions? How did potatoes get to Europe? Why aren’t dumplings particularly Czech? Is it a good idea to eat sauerkraut?

I am also a traveler who knows that nothing connects you to a place like local meal. Seafood paella served with love by Spanish mom in the picturesque village of Herrera. Fresh mussels with herbs and local cider in the beautiful Basque town of San Sebastian. Roast beef sandwich with my dad enjoyed in the rainy countryside of Yorkshire. Flintstone-like steak served on a driveway restaurant near New Jersey. Fish soup with loads of paprika in Budapest with my best friends. Shot of Scotch whiskey at a rock bar in Edinburgh… All of these experiences inspired me to start a food tour in Prague and share our heritage with you! Finally, as a local, I feel responsibility to offer an alternative to all the ‘hop on hop offs’ and ‘beer bikes’ by providing this exclusive food and history tour.